Partners & Friends

Birth Defect Research for Children is a resource for free birth defect information, parent networking and birth defect research through the National Birth Defect Registry., an online resource for families and friends of children with limb differences.

SuperHands is a network for parents of children with upper limb differences.

Unlimbited Possibilities is a community where families of children with upper limb differences can gather to offer support and share information.

Registered and licensed occupational therapist and a certified weight trainer with the International Weightlifting Association, who also has a congenital hand anomaly, providing information, support and suggestions for children with hand differences.

Helping Hands Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit support group providing support, sharing experiences, and supplying information to families of children with upper limb differences.

The Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) is a national, non-profit amputee consumer educational organization representing people who have experienced amputation or are born with limb differences. The ACA includes individual amputees, amputee education and support groups for amputees, professionals, family members and friends of amputees, amputation or limb loss related agencies, and organizations.

Limb Loss Education and Awareness Program (LLEAP)

Sponsored by the Amputee Coalition of America

LLEAP addresses a key problem: the social stigma of children with disabilities, particularly those with a limb difference. The curriculum is based upon the premise that children can be taught to recognize and appreciate differences in themselves and others.

Through a sequence of multi-sensory activities, children will:

* Realize that individuals are more alike than different

* Identify their own strengths and attributes

* Develop an appreciation for the strength and accomplishments of other people

* Explore interdependence and the nature of the helping relationship

* Become aware of how limb loss/limb difference might affect daily activities

* Appreciate the strengths & accomplishments of individuals with limb loss/limb differences

* Understand the types, functions, and limitations of prostheses

With more than twenty classroom activities, the curriculum can be adapted for use with children from preschool through sixth grade.

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